References available upon request.

Contractor: J. H. Reid General Contractors
Job: World Trade Center - Saw Cutting for removal of Survivor Stairs
Scope of Work: Wall Saw Cutting, Wire Saw Cutting, and Core Drilling for the removal of the stairs
Contractor: El Sol Contracting & Construction Corp.
Job: Korean Parkway in Staten Island
Scope of Work: Road saw patch cutting in roadway and concrete joint rehabilitation and hot sealing
Contractor: Perini / O & G, A Joint Venture
Job: Whitestone Bridge - Replacement of Roadway Deck in Suspended Deck
Scope of Work: Core drill 3 1/2" diameter by 17' deep holes through concrete bridge wall on a 22 degree angle 110 feet off of ground for new bridge rollers.
Contractor: E. C. Provini Inc., General Contractors
Job: Newport Center Mall - Jersey City, NJ
Scope of Work: Propane saw cutting 1,200 LF of trench through concrete floor slab for the installation of electrical lines inside of mall area. Probek saw cut the concrete into pieces, removed slabs out of building and removed debris off site.
Contractor: Perini / Tutor-Saliba, Joint Venture
Job: Reconstruction of Rt. I-278 (B.Q.E.) - 61st Street to Broadway
Scope of Work: Bridge deck saw cutting for removal of concrete decks and roadway saw cutting at various locations
Contractor: Conti Enterprises
Job: Historic Broad Street Station - Newark, NJ
Scope of Work: Wire sawing 12' thick concrete train bridge wall for job stage separation, wall sawing 24" thick concrete wall, and core drilling 24" diameter by 8' deep hole for new elevator piston. All work was for the new train station.
Contractor: Della Pello Paving, Inc.
Job: Maintenance of Roadway Repair, Route 22 Eastbound, Union County
Scope of Work: 14,500 LF 12" deep saw cutting of roadway for joint removal 44,200 LF of Polymerized Joint Adhesive
Contractor: J. H. Reid General Contractors
Job: Route 36 Highlands Bridge
Scope of Work: Bridge Deck saw cutting 7" deep through concrete deck and plunge cuts 24" deep through concrete diaphragms for bridge deck removal. Wire saw cutting for the removal of piers.
Contractor: Union Paving & Construction Co., Inc.
Job: Route 1 & 9 Section 1K - Rahway, NJ
Scope of Work: Saw and seal new asphalt over existing concrete 40,000 LF of 3/8" J.W. by 5/8" J.D. with a 1/8" J.W. by 4" J.D. "T" cut.
Contractor: Skanska-Koch
Job: Manhattan Bridge - New York
Scope of Work: Concrete bridge deck saw cutting 15" deep for slab removal. Concrete joint widening and silicone sealing of new bridge approach slabs. Core drilling 1 3/8" diameter holes through 4 foot thick granite block for new light poles.
Contractor: Union Paving & Construction Co., Inc.
Job: Route 78 Westbound - Union, NJ
Scope of Work: Saw cutting of roadway at various locations. Polymerized Joint Adhesive for new asphalt pavement.
Contractor: D'Annunzio & Sons, Inc.
Job: Prudential Hockey Arena - Newark, NJ
Scope of Work: Core drill holes through footings for new rebar installation.
Contractor: Trap Rock Industries, Inc.
Job: Mercer County Airport, Rehabilitation of Runway 16-34
Scope of Work: Crack sealing in runway and saw and seal of new asphalt.
Contractor: Schiavone Construction Co.
Job: State Street Vent Shaft in Manhattan
Scope of Work: Hydraulic wall saw 24" thick concrete walls for the removal of concrete vent shafts.
Contractor: Earle Asphalt Company
Job: RJ Miller Airport - Berkley, NJ
Scope of Work: Core drill 24" round holes through asphalt for airplane hold downs.
Contractor: S. G. H., Inc.
Job: World Trade Center
Scope of Work: Core drill 4" diameter holes through slurry walls as directed by engineers for test analysis.
Contractor: Terminal Construction Corp.
Job: Xanadu, Meadowlands - East Rutherford, NJ
Scope of Work: Core drill 1 1/2" diameter holes by 8' deep through concrete footings for re-bar installation.
Contractor: Gerdau Ameristeel
Job: Perth Amboy, NJ
Scope of Work: Wire saw cut a 7' by 9' opening 30" thick through concrete mezzanine floor slab at steel mill. Probek saw cut concrete and removed slabs down to ground level.
Contractor: S. S. B. P.
Job: Woodbridge Avenue - Edison, NJ
Scope of Work: Saw cut asphalt and concrete for an electrical contractor. Probek removed all debris and dug a 150' long trench 2 foot wide by 40" deep with a backhoe for electrical lines for new transformers.